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Day 6: Something I Hope I Never Have To Do

This one is too painful for me to think about for too long. Let’s just say that, I hope it is a long time from now, but when the time comes with regard to certain loved ones, I really really … Continue reading

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Day 5: Something I Hope To Do In My Life

There is only one goal in my life that I have yet to accomplish:  I would like to have a family.  There are all kinds of reasons why people want families, and why people don’t.  I don’t really have a … Continue reading

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A brief interlude

Since going public, I have received several comments here and privately (which means more than 3 people are reading this, thanks). I would like to address a couple of things mentioned: 1. The order of posts. This is something that … Continue reading

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Day 4: Something I Have to Forgive Someone For

I need to forgive every man I have ever dated for ultimately rejecting me and choosing to be with someone else. Most of these men were not right for me, I can see that now (and in some cases saw … Continue reading

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Day 3: Something I Have to Forgive Myself For

This is an easy one:  being human. I don’t have very high standards for people.  I don’t expect much of anything, not because I am cynical and am perpetually disappointed.  The simple fact is, I believe that people will do … Continue reading

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Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

I can talk to anyone. To ANYONE. Anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances.  Any age, any race, any political persuasion, any religious views.  Anyone. I don’t mean “talk to” as in, give monologues or make soliloquies or ramble on about Me.  … Continue reading

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Day 1: Something I Hate About Myself

Hmmm . . . originally I liked this idea of putting the bitter before the sweet, getting the negative out of the way first to make room for the positive.  Now, I’m not so sure.  “Hate” is a strong word … Continue reading

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