Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

I can talk to anyone.



Anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances.  Any age, any race, any political persuasion, any religious views.  Anyone.

I don’t mean “talk to” as in, give monologues or make soliloquies or ramble on about Me.  One thing I love about myself is that I can meet someone new, start up a conversation, and find something in common to discuss.

How, you ask?  I don’t really know.  If I stopped and thought about it, I could probably come up with a few answers.  I’m not particularly charming, or well-traveled, or anything like that, but I do know how to ask people questions about themselves.  Talking to strangers, and getting them to talk back, is very simple:

You don’t have to be interesting.  Just be interested.

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2 Responses to Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

  1. Gwen says:

    I do think that you are selling yourself short on the charming aspect, but your questions always come from a place of compassion and interest, and you have a way of focusing on someone as though they are the only person in the moment which inspires trust and both confidence and confidences.

  2. monnik says:

    You’re not particularly charming?

    Says who?

    I envy this characteristic of yours. I’m not a shy person, but I am self conscious when it comes to striking up a conversation with strangers. I think this would be a fabulous trait because there are so many interesting people out there! Think of the viewpoints you could get if you had that ability.

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