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Day 5: Something I Hope To Do In My Life

There is only one goal in my life that I have yet to accomplish:  I would like to have a family.  There are all kinds of reasons why people want families, and why people don’t.  I don’t really have a … Continue reading

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Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

I can talk to anyone. To ANYONE. Anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances.  Any age, any race, any political persuasion, any religious views.  Anyone. I don’t mean “talk to” as in, give monologues or make soliloquies or ramble on about Me.  … Continue reading

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30 Days of Truth

I’ve been meaning to start writing again for a while now.  As always, I have the swirl of topics, phrases, and half-written posts in my head, fighting for space, waiting to be released.  I have not been inspired, however, until … Continue reading

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